Madison and Betsy D'Esposito

My family and my loves

Pet Type: dog

Breed: Old English Sheepdogs

Born: (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

Adopted: (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

Passed: Monday, 10 May 2010 (Southampton, New Jersey)

Madison was my very first pet, and Betsy was my second. They were my constant company. They were my family. They were always at my side through all of the happy times and all of the sad times, even when I was sick and always when I was lonely. They were beautiful and sweet, strong and protective, funny and goofy and they are still missed to this day. They live in me and in my heart always and I am forever grateful to God for allowing me to have such love in my life.

Favorite Thing To Do: Madison would herd and run and chase and Betsy loved to eat and lay in the sun and the snow.

Most Mischievous Moment: Madison would run to my bed and lie on my pillow right before I would get into bed. Betsy ate everything she shouldn't from pottery to tinfoil to a remote control.

Best Moment: Madison would sneak into Steph's room at night just to check on her and watch over her, and she really didn't even like her. Betsy was sweet and always sweet and she would roll in the snow and lie there in the sun.

Favorite Toy: Any stuffed animal.

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